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Bunker Builder, Kurt, builds Bunkers, safe-houses, Emergency Safety Shelters and Safe Rooms to your specifications.  

Bunker Builder can build for you a private / secret Bunker /safe-house, or Safe Room or A House Forever.   

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Safety Shelters

You're in safe hands with

Bunker Builder


Would you like to have

An Emergency Safety Shelter,

A Shelter That Is:

Safe in a Tornado,
Safe in a Hurricane,
Safe in an Earthquake,
Safe in a  Wild Forest Fire,
Safe in a California Super-Storm,
& that is strong enough to withstand
an attack from most vandal and criminals, 

And all that for only $29,500.  

Designed with the Future in Mind:   Your single-unit Emergency Safety Shelter can, later become step one in creating a larger and more comprehensive, long-term safety bunker system.   Our safety system is easily expandable in units of 160 sq. ft.   Each additional unit costs about the same as your first unit.   


Details About Short-Term Emergency Safety Shelters  

Expanding Your Community's Emergency Services

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An affordable

Emergency Safety Shelter,


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